The Shriving of Miss Esme Stamp…

Episode 33…Reunion Part One

‘Edward will change too!’ he replied. ‘But he won’t forget. You have not forgotten that you were once married to him. I’m quite certain of that.’ He laughed gently and said: ‘You now have the gift of everlasting perceptions.’

Esme turned her head to the window once more. ‘Lets take a look on the Common, just for the sake of a past life.’ She smiled curiously to herself. There was something tagging in her thoughts.

‘Haven’t you had enough of that!’ he complained. But he already knew what lay ahead and what had secreted inside her mind. It came in just one name, that of Tobias Westlake!

The couple stood on a grassy slope that overlooked several overgrown Gorse bushes edging a small worn pathway that trailed endlessly way down the hill. ‘I’m sure this is the place.’ said Esme. ‘I remember we came along that track. I’m certain of it.’

‘Looks isolated, apart from that path, a good place to commit a murder. I wonder how he knew about this place.’

Esme looked at him and said nothing. She stared at the ground beneath her feet and tried to dig her heel into it. ‘It’s as hard as rock.’ she observed.

‘It was lucky he never broke your neck, pushing your head into that.’

‘Yes lucky, I remember the taste of the dry earth and the smell of rotting roots, so horrible, and I remember Toby standing over me, then lifting me very gently, I felt something like a very soft couch or bed, so warm and so cosy. He was there smiling all the time, he took my hand and the pain had gone.’

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