The Shriving of Miss Esme Stamp…

Episode 34…Reunion Part Two

‘He brought you to me.’ he added.

‘Yes, I remember being lifted again and looking down from some great height. It seemed as black as night, so dark, and yet, the air was fresh as a gentle warm breeze touched my face. Toby held me close until he had brought me home to you.’ She looked at him with a certain modesty.

A loving look crossed his face and he took her hand very gently. ‘Such a reunion.’ he said. ‘You know Tobias is your ‘familiar.’ Your Guardian Angel, so to speak. Wherever you go, whenever you need support he will be there. Summoned in your mind.’

‘And you Charles.’ she replied, ‘What are you, if not my Guardian Angel, my protector?’

‘That must wait my love, all in good time. Soon we have to make plans.’ he anounced.

‘Do you think Edward will try to kill me again?’ she asked cautiously

‘It’s possible I suppose.’ he replied. ‘Without a body the Police can’t make an arrest.’

‘What if he comes to Bayswater looking for me.’ A sudden panic gripped Esme.

‘Then Toby and I, will be ready for him.’ he said reassuringly. ‘Are we finished here. Is there anything more. Would you like to go?’

‘Yes.. We are finished with this. There is nothing more.’ Two small tears crossed the circle of her eyes and fell slowly down her cheeks.

‘A tear for humanity perhaps?’ he asked. Then took her hand gently again, and in that moment they were gone.

Author Note: ‘Shriving’ is a very old Biblical term for the state of ‘Transition’

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