British Lost and Forgotten Films of the Past…

Good Morning Boys 1937 (US: Where There’s a Will) Will Hay just has to be the best classic vintage comic actor for me. I must have just about all of his films on DVD. Not so much a lost or forgotten film, as more of a cult film. Will Hay, battles with the boys of St. Michael’s school in their pursuits of drinking, smoking and gambling. Will plays Dr. Twist a hapless school master at the mercy of the pupils who fix a French Exam in order to get a trip to Paris, Here, they assist in the theft of the Mona Lisa, but in the end retrieve it and clear themselves. An enjoyable romp with a likeable cast in Graham Moffatt, Lilli Palmer, Marita Hunt, and Peter Gawthorne. Another pleasurable outing for Gainsborough Studios.

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