British Lost and Forgotten Films of the Past…

My most favoured British drama movie of the 1940′s is THE SMALL BACK ROOM made in 1948. It was produced by the Archer Team for London Films, and features Sammy Rice, a troubled bomb fuse expert. Sammy is troubled by alcohol and his relationship with his girlfriend and has a head full of ghosts to exorcise. Later, he is called upon to defuse a new German secret weapon that can kill with the slightest of touch…

It’s a movie that I’ve watched and enjoyed many times over, and never fail to be be impressed by the stunning performance of David Farrar and Kathleen Byron in the lead roles, it would seem as if they are just made for each other. The movie really does capture the dark nature of wartime London and is based on the dramatic novel by Nigel Balchin. Other greats featured are: Jack Hawkins, Leslie Banks, Cyril Cusack, Emrys Jones, Michael Gough, and Renee Asherson.

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