Lost and Forgotten Films of British Cinema…

A Fire Has Been Arranged 1935. I remember owning an old VHS copy of this movie some years ago. It’s a rather odd screwball type of plot for Bud Flanagan and Chesney Allen, who are a couple of crooks that decide to hide their ill-gotten gains by digging a hole in a field. They are then caught by Police for their crimes and serve 10 years imprisonment. On their release they return to collect their loot only to find that a shopping mall has been built over the ground. What serves next is a mad cap attempt to find their loot by digging up the flooring of a department store. The store becomes engulfed in fire and a team of woman fire fighters, headed by Rob Wilton, try to put the fire out. The movie includes song and dance and ends with Bud and Ches driving their wreck of a car along a rail line. Not for the faint hearted. But you gotta admit, these were great guys and great in their time… Production and distribution was from Twickenham Studios and it went out as a U Cert, so thatĀ meansĀ it was fun to be enjoyed by everyone.

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