Lost and Forgotten Films of British Cinema…

Ok For Sound 1937 This movie held a fascination for me years ago when I was researching the life of Enid Stamp Taylor. Enid features along side the Crazy Gang headed by Bud Flanagan and Chesney Allen. It’s another screwball comedy set within a bankrupt film studio. By today’s comedy tastes it’s difficult to relate to, and yet there are moments within its production and delivery that is not so very different from today’s. Of course, it has too much song and dance that is much dated now and perhaps in a way, that’s part of its charm. I won’t give you the storyline because that’s rather here there and everywhere. Its clearly a vehicle only for the ‘Crazy Gang’ and the script making a gesture to their unique popularity of the time. If you do ever get the opportunity to watch this movie, then it would be worthy of your time and patience. Production was from Gainsborough at their Islington Studios in the days when the guys there were enjoying a real high, then screened around the Country by Gaumont British.

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