The Shriving of Miss Esme Stamp…

Episode 57… Rebecca’s Acceptance

Once more, Charles watchful look at the ruined house showed him nothing. No voice entered his mind. Nothing seemed to be out of order to his expectation, and once more, rain began to soak through those overhead clouds. ‘Come-on, lets go.’ He announced reluctantly.  ‘There is nothing more for us here’. He had satisfied himself that this was a waste of their time. ‘Let’s get back to the car.’ he declared.

‘Charles.. Charles, I can see her. Rebecca, she is looking at us from a second floor window. The house is there, yes there, in all its entirety. Can’t you see. It’s as beautiful as before. She is smiling, and yet she is crying. Can’t you see her Charles… Can’t you see this beautiful lady.’

‘Esme, all I see are these old ruins, as I did before, but the images from my camera  allowed me to visualize a little before they faded completely…’

‘Something is wrong.’ Esme interrupted him. ‘I just know it. There is brightness all around her. It’s filling that room Charles. It’s a fire. The room is ablaze. Look, now I can see other rooms beginning to light up. Charles, she has set fire to the house. We must do something. This is horrific! What can we do?’

‘We can’t do anything. Esme, what you are seeing are images put in your mind of a long distant past. I still see only ruins. Nothing more.’

‘But perhaps we are here to help her Charles, to somehow rescue her from this nightmare .’

‘She is dead Esme. You know that.’

‘Her spirit lives on Charles. I know it.’

‘She may not have perished here in this fire. She could have died of old age and this could just be her footprint left for me.’ Esme was beside herself and becoming distraught.

‘Then, what you are saying, it’s up to us, to save her from this dreadful fire.’ He began to follow he thoughts.

‘Let’s try Charles, let’s try, before the fire get a real hold.’

In searching for some way to reach this distressed woman images began to form in his head. He was seeing those images just as in his photographs. They were suddenly alive in his eyes. Albeit burning, the manor house became clearly visible, as if some outside force had placed it. The thought that Rebecca could conduct this energy simply pushed him on. Around the back of this house of inferno he found a large wooden barn just as it would have been in Rebecca’s time and likely used by the grounds staff to the manor. Inside there was much clutter of garden implements and thoughtfully a table and chairs placed for tea breaks no less and in one dark corner, a large double ladder that might just reach the second floor, after all, the tall growing Ivy had to be trimmed from the walls of the house by someone. With that thought in mind. Charles reached out for it. In a way it had leaned to the wall making it almost a fixture and took quite some freeing, after some cursing and panting it gave and suddenly he felt the full weight of this possible route of escape. Inner strength became a reality and that spurred him. Within moments he stood and faced the yellow heat of this blazing building. ‘Esme’, he shouted. ‘You don’t have to guide me with your eyes. I can now see the house and the flames proper.’ Daylight had become night and those yellow flames were his single purpose

‘This is Rebecca’s way of coming into your mind.’ she shouted back. ‘It’s through her power, she wants you to save her. At last, she has brought you into her astral level. Perhaps, she was unsure at first. I don’t know, but remember, we all meet in the end, along different and varied paths.’

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