Lost and Forgotten Films of British Cinema…

Underneath the Arches 1937 This is a film that I’ve never seen, yet its title song can revolve around in my head for all time. The song from Flanagan and Allen was most popular in its day. Although, what I do have in my collection are the original production stills in album form taken by a Twickenham Studios stills man, then rescued from a skip by a dear friend Harry Amos, who at one time was a film editor at Bray Studios. Later Harry went into Television.

Alas, I’ve yet to find a disc of this film, maybe there is no suitable print available for transfer, one can only live in hope. Meanwhile, I will content myself with my lasting album of stills put together by Twickenham’s photo department…

Checking through this album and it’s script production progress, it would seem to be another madcap adventure for Bud Flanagan, Chesney Allen and the ‘Crazy Gang’. Enid is there too, providing her sensible element to the more zany antics of the remaining cast. Looking through the stills, lots of sand had been brought into the studio to provide what I think to be something of a South American flavour. Could be lots of fun.

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