The Shriving of Miss Esme Stamp…

Episode 58… Rescue

The ladder would just reach the window. He drove it hard against the wall and the ground. It felt secure. Within moments he had reached the window and beckoned Rebecca to first stand back then take his arm and climb onto the ladder, he shouted to her that he would hold her firmly and make sure she was safe. He pressed himself further into ladder in order that his body would help her support. The heat was unbearable and flames licked hungrily from inside the window as Charles smashed the glass with a covered elbow. Rebecca’s form was petite allowing her to grasp the ladder and swing herself out from the rather small aperture of the window frame. Charles held her waist and moved down the ladder a little allowing her room. Then carefully, and very slowly they both edged downwards until Charles was able to lift Rebecca to the ground.

‘This place is a mess, come-on, lets all go.’ he declared ‘Lets get away from this heat.’ The ladder was now well alight, and flames roared from every outlet of the building. ‘This is not for us and certainly not for Rebecca!’

Rebecca said nothing in their hurried escape from the burning house. On reaching the car, Charles observed her youth and beauty, she had been a broken-hearted bride. How, could any man pass up such a lovely creature. His mind pondered for the moment, and yet, he said to himself, she is no mortal, perhaps, immortal, maybe that is the reason for her husband’s infidelity, perhaps, he just did not understand. Thoughts passed around in his head without answers, but for now they would lay to rest until they had reached London.

Rebecca slept well in the back seat for most of the journey. As expected, her clothes had that distinctive smell associated of smoke and fire. At one point, Charles wind down his window to freshen the interior for all. ‘She will need some new clothes.’ he said thoughtfully.

‘Do you think she needs a Doctor?’ asked Esme.

‘I’ve a good friend in Doctor Fellows at Bayswater. He will be the man to consult’.

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