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The Bridal Path… 1959

You know, I’ve mentioned this film on PGC before, and I guess this time I just wanted to give this a new take. For me, this is a sit down romp around the Highlands with a bag of popcorn and Bill Travers in the driving seat. He’s just an innocent guy out looking for a wife. Well, that simplifies a plot, that’s got much more to offer, as Ewan goes from one embarrassment of character to another. I’m surprised no production company ever cottoned on to this as a show, when comedy drama in colour reached our screens in the early 70s. The likes of “Porridge” “Dads Army” and the colour episodes of Steptoe and there were many others. A lad looking for a partner and encountering funny situations, I  guess would have been good for our screens.

Anyway, I like to shake out this old movie from time to time. The colour photography shot in the Highlands is truly evocative and coupled with the regretfully now demised Campbell Town Gaelic Choir who lend much to a charismatic background is just wonderfully nostalgic.

I guess, it still has to be a workout with my old VHS system, as yet, I can’t find a print on disc, nevertheless, I think it’s just a situation of waiting until the delivery guy arrives…

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