Happy Memories of Early Television…

Whiplash… Outset 1959

Ok, I’m not one for name-dropping, so I’m kinda gonna work this little connection into my latest aquision. My father loved a number of programs put out by ITV. So in those days, and I guess it was a Friday evening, their news would end at 10.30 and for one full half hour, once a week, we would be treated to an Australian set drama featuring America actor Peter Graves, brother of James Arness (Gunsmoke) in the role of Christopher Cobb, who was the first man to run a stagecoach line from Sidney to Camden and on to Gundagai in New South Wales.

Now, me and dad loved to watch this series before going to bed, and recently, I discovered a reasonable priced DVD on NTSC to my absolute joy and from Amazon.

Now, for the name dropping bit. Frank Ifield, born in this country to Australian parents  had a string of hits in the UK and voiced the theme to whiplash on the outset of his career. In the 80s it became my privilege to photograph Frank and at 79 he’s still touring. Well done!

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