The Shriving of Miss Esme Stamp…

Episode 59… Return To Bayswater

On reaching Bayswater Charles drove quickly to his friend Doctor Michael Fellows.

‘Well Charles, I have given her a thorough examination and aside from a little shock’ he concluded, ‘she seems to be in good health. One odd thing though, she hasn’t spoken a word to me. Has she said anything to you about her ordeal.’

‘Nothing very much doctor.’ he replied ‘Just some murmurings, really that’s all.’

‘Well Charles, could be the shock. Take her home and let her rest, that’s just what she needs right now. Please come and see me in the morning, I will need to know a little more about her for my report.’

‘Report!… Dear friend… Please understand. There can’t be any report.’ Charles startled hastily. ‘Rebecca does not exist, at least not in our time. There would be no reckoning of her.’

‘What are you saying. This is nonsense. Of course she must exist. She is flesh and blood.’

‘No Michael. Look… You don’t understand.’

‘I understand, what I see before me Charles. You’ve clearly suffered stress in saving this woman from a burning building and it’s clouded your thinking. I have to report this to the Police, you know that. It’s the law. Go home, have a glass of whisky and rest, and then, tomorrow you can tell me why you did not take this unfortunate woman to a local hospital instead of bringing her all the way to Bayswater.’

‘Well, you said yourself that she is only suffering from shock.’

‘Come on Charles, that won’t do, it’s not an excuse and you know it.’ Doctor Fellows looked directly at him. ‘I need answers not fantasy.’

‘Alright I promise, I will explain everything in the morning. But I will need your confidentiality Michael, we have known each other for many years.’

‘Friendship is beside the point. I really can’t agree to anything like you suggest. You really do know that, don’t you.’

‘Alright then Michael… Just your findings, please nothing more. My account would simply confuse. However, as a friend, I will want you to know the facts, believed or not, that’s your choice. I will fully explain things, I promise.’

‘And no more fantasy please Charles. I have too much respect for you.’ Doctor Fellows smiled assuringly. ‘You are right, we do go back a long way.’

Toby had kept shop, just as expected, greeting them on their arrival and announcing that brother Barney had given up the small bedroom for their new guest and would stay close by with friends from College. ‘He’ll be here in the morning.’ was the word.

‘How did you know we were bringing Rebecca here?’ inquired Charles, rather surprised.

‘Doctor Fellows rang just after you left him, telling me you were home again and then mentioned Rebecca. I knew you would want her to stay here with us, rather than some gloomy hotel room.’

‘Thanks Toby. You’re absolutely right. Well, we are all very tired. Let’s get Rebecca off to bed, I sure Esme will help her get undressed and ready for a good night’s sleep. Then us three, I suggest, have a late night dram before geting ourselves retired for the night. It’s good to see you Toby, we’ve got lots to talk over in the morning.’

Esme remained very silent. She had began to warm to Tobias, for he would support Charles at every turn. With Rebecca here now, could this be a time of undue reckoning. Had they really brought a spirit from the past into their lives at Bayswater.

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