Happy Memories of Earlier Television…

Cadfael 1994-98 ITV Studios

You know, this was a series I missed the first time round, guess, I was doing other things. Ellis Peters books were truly brought to life with Sir Derek Jacobi’s portrayal of Brother Cadfael for Independent Television in the UK.

Sitting back with a boxed set, each episode just swarms over you, it’s as if you were there back in time, all those years ago, in the backdrop of medieval Shrewsbury.

The research by Author Ellis Peters (her Pen Name) must have been quite meticulous, in having studied in great detail the lifestyle of these Monks, whose Monastery was positioned close to a fortress castle that gave protection to the nearby village folk.

The Television screenplay works at an engaging easy pace woven into a strong style of high drama. It’s not always for the squeamish, me for one! as one of Cadfael’s duties as a Monk is to act as potholigist and apothecary for the many unfortunates of the time. It’s always worth averting your eyes for a moment or two, then regain the pleasure of a near-truth drama.

Screenplays may come and go, however, this just keeps on coming. Over the years there have been many ‘just-so’s, but this has something that makes it go that extra mile. Maybe, because it’s so well written and recreated and it certainly has much of that. Well, I’m now lusting to go down memory lane once again, with a boxed set featuring Derick Jacobi again in the title roll of a certain Roman Emperor, in the full knowledge this will settle me down with a glass of rich Chivas Regal, gifted from dear friend Steve.

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