The Shriving of Miss Esme Stamp…

Episode 63… Rebecca’s Tale… Part Two

Toby looked across to Charles, somewhat helplessly. Then said warily: ‘The connection… The thoughts… Are with Esme, that’s where we are now Charles, believe me. Esme is the connection, the joining with Rebecca…Just remember.’

Rebecca chose to sit close to them, almost in some confidential manner, as if wanting to be accepted into their little gathering. She was stunningly very beautiful, perhaps in her early twenties, with long flowing golden hair that reached down to her finely shaped shoulders. Charles studied her sea blue eyes and thought to himself: “How could any man reject such beauty.”

She was dressed now, in the clothes Esme had carefully selected for her, gone was the smoke ridden dress that she had worn earlier. Here was a refreshed Rebecca, of Lilac fragrance, a relaxed spirit, perhaps. She spoke gently, and yet, with some small determination.

‘You have been my rescuers and I thank you all for that. You have brought me beyond a most certain death… To a life, and into your lives.’ Toby looked upon her and smiled warmly. Charles was apprehensive for a moment, then dismissed it from his mind. ‘Perhaps, you should have not!’. she quickly questioned. There could be punishment for me. I don’t know.’

Charles suddenly replied: ‘How can punishment be your conclusion Rebecca. I don’t believe you can bring that upon yourself, or in fact, any other living person. I feel that’s not within your heart.’

Rebecca looked long and hard into his eyes. She found truth there and compassion in this man. It stirred something within former thoughts of love. It became refreshing and recognizable to her. Then at last, she said: ‘You are right Charles, of course you are right, all of you sat around this table. You have been my rescuers. It was your salvation from my distress.’

Those words seem to trouble Charles thoughts for a moment once more. Whilst the others said no more.

‘Will you stay with us.’ he asked. ‘You know, you are most welcome.’

Rebecca opened with such a beautiful smile, then said: You know the answer, all of you. I will be with each of you for as long as I can. Toby and Barney already know this. They are my guides through the darkness and into the light, and when I return to the darkness, as I know I shall. I will remember. I will remember all of you.’

They sat in silence for some moments. Esme, Charles, Barney and Toby reflected on thoughts of their new found friend. Finally, it was Rebecca that broke the silence. ‘Don’t be despondent.’ she looked at each of their faces, then spoke calmly. ‘We all have an adventure to go.’


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