Happy Memories of Earlier Television…

You know, there is one TV western show I never tire of watching. With my clutch of the first three series and series four and five on route from the US… Rawhide has for me, to be about the most enjoyable outing from around that era of the sixties cowboys.

It made household names out of Eric Fleming, Clint Eastwood, ‘Sheb’ Wooley and of course Paul Brinegar as the lovable Wishbone. I watched ‘Wishbone’ in a recent ‘Knight Rider’ and really, little had changed, aside from a change of clothes and the lack of a gun and holster!

It must have been a colossal undertaking in terms of production. To keep a large cast of actor drovers, hundreds of wandering cattle, in conditions of extreme heat and dust, and to get the actors and cattle, all to play their part just as scripted must have been a truly mammoth task and one, that clearly required a high level of talent and discipline to make it work so well.

Singer Frankie Laine, with his memorable opening title song ‘Rawhide’ was to become a smash hit, earning him a star role in one episode, as a likeable and sympathetic character  of the team.

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