The Shriving of Miss Esme Stamp…

Episode 65…Rebecca’s Spell… The Farewell (Part One)

The blackness began to clear. He found himself in the park. The green park he had seen from his bedroom window. He felt Rebecca was with him, but could not see her and yet her gentle voice was inside his mind. Sunshine, now spread down upon him and wrapped his body and face with pleasing warmth.

“Just walk Charles, until you reach the Garden of Remembrance, soon to be within your view.” Rebecca’s voice guided his footsteps forward. “You will know, when you have reached it. Your parents will be there. Just waiting for you. Waiting to give you their love. They will listen to your thoughts.”

He walked on, quickening his step. Then, apprehension filled his head. “What would he say to them. How should he greet them. What could he say. “No! He would be himself. That’s how Rebecca would want him to be.”  Her voice now inside his mind. “Yes, he would be himself. That’s what they would expect of him. Yes, of course.”

The path in front of him began to curve slightly to his left, fearing he would soon be nearing the Garden of Remembrance. A bead of sweat ran down from his forehead and then down one side of his cheek.”It’s this dammed sunshine” he argued himself.

The path, then forked to the right, and yet, he felt he had to stay with its left. Tall high green hedging now formed his way. Then, suddenly there was an opening to his left. He stopped for a moment to pull his thoughts together and catch his breath. Then with courage… He stepped though its aperture.

It was a beautiful garden, massed of colour and light. Every blossoming flower he had ever known feasted upon his eyes. A march of variety adorned every corner of this somehow tranquil eclipse.

In its far distant corner and surrounded by its high lush green hedging, sat two figures, upon an ornately carved marble seat.

Here were those he knew and loved. Here were his loving and caring parents.


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