The Shriving of Miss Esme Stamp…

Episode 68… Rebecca’s Spell (Part Two)… Friends

Bridget Moynihan’s Irish parentage had given her the gift of wonderful and imaginative story telling and soon the three of them were plunged into another of her spellbinding tales of mystery and intrigue. They passed the plump butcher’s boy who waved from his delivery bike. ‘Do people really want meat at this time in the morning,’ remarked Celia, with a somewhat narrowed eye.

Bridget continued her tale of the secret sisters convent order that existed deep within the woods they were now heading for. ‘There are stories,’ she said: Of ritual sacrifice and other pagan practises.’

‘Come on,’ stated Celia ‘For goodness sake. These are Christian Nuns. ‘They have taken their vows.’

‘Taking to the order, does not mean they don’t have dark and foreboding secrets,’ replied Bridget with some sincere determination.

‘Ok.. Ok’ Celia gave way with a sigh.

Ahead of them and walking quite slowly, almost sauntering purposely were a group of three boys around their own ages. The outlined figure of one of the boys seemed familiar to Esme.

‘You know,’ she rejoiced. ‘I think that is Charles.’ The others thought the look on her face simply said it all.

‘You fancy him, don’t you,’ romanced Bridget eagerly. ‘I can see it in your eyes.’

‘Yes, come on, what’s afoot?’ asked Celia.

‘About 12 inches.’ smiled Esme, somewhat defensively.

Soon they had caught the boys up, and smiles, jokes and laughter hid the shyness of the moment. Esme was somewhat coy of Charles at first, preferring to smile gently as he spoke to her more so than the others. “He has a keen interest in me” she told herself “That was very clear.”

Their schools were really one large Victorian building divided into two, with a number of classrooms on the one hand for the girls, and on the other for the boys. The recreation rooms were shared by both and also the outdoor sports areas. It was within this scenario that Charles and Esme first became friendly.

Entering the woods and climbing over the rickety wooden style was easy going for those young legs. Here the path was well trodden and wide enough for them to walk in pairs. The boys teamed up with Celia and Bridget and Charles with Esme. The quiet of the woods made small talk redundant, replacing it with the gentle words brought forth of natural elements…



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