The Shriving of Miss Esme Stamp…

Episode 76… Rebecca’s Help… (Part One)

Charles, Esme and Herbert pay a visit to The Kings Head in Bayswater…

‘Well, thanks Charlie, for labelling me as a blooming nutcase.’ The three sat within the confines of the most respected and formatively noted Kings Head on the Moscow road within Charles beloved Bayswater. They looked upon with envy the wonderful food now placed before them on three over filled plates happily brought to their table by the welcoming arms of the landlady of this very cherished establishment.

‘It was the only way ‘Herby’ and it got you out of a hole, did it not?’

Herbert laughed, ‘It sure did. I knew you would come through Charlie, I knew I could rely on you. You’re a diamond Charlie, and that’s for sure!’

‘Herby, my very dear friend, that’s very human of you. But tell me, how did you meet such a formidable lady?’

‘I was weak Charlie, very weak. It was one night at “The Palace” she got talking to me and took me into her confidence. Said she had been very lonely since her husband had succumbed to a terrible chest condition. Well, you know Charlie, I’d had more than me fair share that night and felt sorry for the dear. She made arrangements for me ta see E’r agin that I forgot about, next minute she’s on me doorstep saying I had agreed to a settlement on a binding and she wus gonna see the Vicar and git me and E’r announced.’ Poor Herby paused for a moment and took a long thoughtful look at the dark brown frothy Beer now having been placed in front of him.

They ate heartily, the roast beef on old England, washed down with several glasses of The Kings Head’s finest French wines and some excellent single malts, by midnight they were all quite happy and ready for sleep. Charles insisted that ‘Herby’ should rest his weary ‘soul’ on the ‘put you up’ in the small  studio, a choice that was met with some gratitude.

Sleep prevailed into the late hours of a sunny 11.30 day, but it was the enticing smell of fried bacon and eggs that brought them all to their daily senses.

The “Brothers” had produced a sumptuous breakfast come dinner by the time everyone had emerged from their sleep, plates that displayed an array of interesting items procured from Charles newly acquired ice refrigerator.

Some days later Herbert did receive a writ from a certain dubious solicitor claiming that Mrs.Plum had been the victim of a arrangement that was breach of promise.

Charles advised Herbert to ignore this, feeling the woman had been hurt enough, and to pursue this would be more hurtful to her.

“I will talk to her, she is clearly very lonely. stated Charles, ‘She wants something out of life that she does not have.’ Esme and myself will go and see her. Perhaps some spiritual guidance will be help.’

The days began to pass and Charles gave much thought to this new role he had elected to take. Much crossed his mind over this time, until finally he knew where his stance would lay. In the days to come, he would once again, request Rebecca’s help, from that time in his past.

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