The Shriving of Miss Esme Stamp…

Episode 77… Rebecca’s Help… (Part two)

It really was not very clear to Charles how he should set about making contact with Rebecca. In the past she had simply been there in his mind and her embodiment just materialised. Now the difficulty, was how to make that all happen again!

This puzzled him for some days, whilst he busied himself with the routines of running his photographic business. He had passed his word to Herbert, and that must stand, he told himself.

‘Herby’ himself had returned to the confines of his small upstairs living quarters in Brick Lane, confident in the endeavours of his dear friend.

Much thought passed through Charles mind in those coming days, even to the point of perhaps employing the services of a ‘Medium’ then it suddenly struck him, what was staring him in the face all along! Toby and Barney, they were both instrumental in ways of the Astral Plain, they could see certain visions that others could not.

He would talk to them the very next morning. He would seek their advice and hopefully their co-operation. Yes, this would be his best course of action and would be his way back into that spirit world and of darkness that surrounds the human soul.

‘She has returned to the darkness’, Toby said with complete certainty that very next day. ‘There is little we can do. She has had her window, now that window is closed.’

‘But, do you know that for sure Tobias, do you really know that?’

‘Barney and I have no entry there, it’s as if the door is closed.’

‘There must be a way Toby. You must find me a way. I need her help.

The only course you have and there are no guarantees, it’s very tricky! You have to enact something or someone that is strong enough and memorable enough for her that will bring her out from the darkness to be mortal once again. That will not be easy.’ In that single moment of his life Tobias was never more sincere. The others looked on with dissolute hearts.

Suddenly Toby said, ‘Herby must be in peril of his life. Rebecca in her mind knows that he is a dear friend of you. It just might work. It needs working on, but it’s an idea. We must stage something that is quite spectacular.’

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