The Shriving of Miss Esme Stamp…

Episode 80… Rebecca’s Help… Part five…

Those next few days in Charles and Esme life seem to change very many things forever. From Herbert, there was no mention of the formidable Mrs Plumb, it was if things had returned to a more stable situation. But there were questions that still seemed to remain in Charles mind. Questions that needed to be answered… He was no longer able to communicate with Rebecca it seemed, this had to be done thru a third party, in this case it was dear ‘Herby’ Had he been fooled, no that was not Rebecca’s way. He had taken her at her absolute word and she had appeared to Herby that was certain. She had given him back his life from those breath-taking waters. It was now clear in Charles mind that things had settled.

The following day had seen little change in everyone’s routine. Toby and Barney continued to run things in the shop, whilst Esme helped Charles finalise the monthly accounts for the business. Charles made a call to Herbert around lunchtime, but it seemed little had changed. There had been no sign of Mrs Plum’s presence.

“Perhaps, that’s a good thing” Charles thought to himself.

In his little bedroom, in his little office, Herbert was sound asleep. That night the darkness held a dream for him. The form of Rebecca came to him, and comforted him, saying he had nothing to fear. Her enciclement of his soul warmed him and slowly the image and the thoughts he had of Mrs Plum began to dissovel from his mind. Rebecca’s warming voice held a promise, that he would meet her within a time of her calling. That promise he would make good to her and with his devotion solely to her. ‘That is all I ask of you, and that is all.’ she added. His murmuring mind said “Yes” with warmed enthuse and the darkness closed his thoughts…


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