The Shriving of Miss Esme Stamp…

Episode 81… Rebecca’s Help… Part 6

There was a time in Charles life, when much of this would have more meaning to him, but now, he knew that his dear friend had settlement, and that he had that same settlement within himself. The business now prospered as never before. The brothers, were very capable in their ways and worthy friends to have. They introduced new business to the photographer’s shop with so much vigour and endless loyalty. Charles, became very fond of this pair, and so did Esme. It was all a very workable team. They would take care of the day to day business in the shop, whilst Esme used her sharp mind on the facts and figures of bookkeeping. Meantime, Charles photographed the steady gathering ranks of his clients.

In was one night in late July, it had been a long day for all, and they had said their weary goodnights, Esme was tired out and fell asleep at once, surprisingly, in the stuffy heat of that particular evening.

A dream began to penetrated the sleep of Charles. In his mind there was no mistake. From that darkness, he knew it was Rebecca.

“Charles,” Her warm voice soaked his soul. “Charles… I cannot help you for much longer. You know, I think, that my time in your world is limited, you gave me the window, soon the darkness will engulf me completely. I thank you for what you have given me. You took  me from that burning building, A portal in your time that I am thankful for. Before I leave you forever, I want you to promise that you will never forget me, that you will always remember me…”

His thoughts interrupted her “I will be with you forever, but must you go, is there another way, perhaps there is another way.’

“There is no other way” Her voice was crying, and then the emotion led to a sudden thought with her. “Perhaps, there is another way, a forgotten path that was once told to me. A strange and mysterious path.” Then her voice was suddenly gone. Charles lay in a motionless state for some moments and his senses raced uncontrollably and in those darkening hours, he turned to a broken sleep, and the unknown…

To be continued later in the year…

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