The Shriving of Miss Esme Stamp…

Episode 93… A revival of thoughts…

For some days now Charles had pondered over Barney’s telephone call days earlier, and Barney’s words, or rather those of Rebecca. “We must all look to the north wind” it was very puzzling, what did she mean? Should some disaster over take them? Things seem to be going well and everyone around him were happy. But perhaps, that was the time to be wary. Things change in this world, he told himself, and nothing lasts forever. If only she she could tell us?

There was time for reflection and there was time when things have to have, a common sense approach, so for the present, these thoughts were put aside to the day to day running of life.

Esme in her way reflected and sat within the small scullery at the rear of the shop, the coal fire had been lit, and her thoughts ran to those recent events held across the road in The Kings Head. She sat within the glow of the coals, their red heat penetrated the pores of her skin and warmed the white of her bones. She stared long and hard into the glass of whisky as if it were full of a thousand nettles and finding no reason to swallow the liquid her mind moved over matters best with the gradient carefulness of an undertaker’s assistant…  What was Charles, she knew he was was all the world to her, but where was she, what was her direction, she knew she would want to be with him, but what did the future hold, and was her future really with him… Thoughts crossed her mind in many fashions, for this time in her life, she was happy and at one with herself. Then the dark thoughts of her mother stead through her mind…

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