Primrose Hill, London

Primrose Hill in West London

Primrose Hill in West London

“Climbing up on Salisbury Hill… I can see the City Lights”  as Peter Gabriel sang… Well, climbing up on Primrose Hill you can see near-all of London’s skyline features. Primrose Hill is situated in West London and it was here that Enid Stamp Taylor would often take a refreshing walk from her mother’s home in the then named Queens Road.

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2 Responses to Primrose Hill, London

  1. jan says:

    Is this an old photo Patrick? If it is, does it still look the same now. Lovely and peaceful looking. I would love to walk there too, maybe one day. I have the movie “Easy Virtue” to watch. I have it on DVD from my internet provider on hire so will be looking at that this week. She is always on my mind and in my heart. I added her to my family tree online today so she has been in my thoughts a lot lately.

  2. Patrick says:

    Well done Jan,
    Yes, Primrose Hill has not changed for ‘Donkey’s Years’ – It’s a most peaceful place and one can understand why Enid would walk there. From the top of the hill, which slopes gently to the top, you can see almost all of London’s high rise features such as The London eye and others. The picture was taken only a few years ago but treated to give the scene an old look… in period to Enid! It is also a place that you might find Suggs’ taking a pleasurable walk!

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