Catch Life Collective…

'Catch Life Collective' - Photography

'Catch Life Collective' - Photography

Well worth a visit is FringeMK 2009 International Arts Festival ‘Catch Life Collective’ – Photography, at The Church Of Christ The Cornerstone, close to Milton Keynes shopping centre in Milton Keynes.

This is an eclectic and diverse mix of visually stimulating and thought provoking imagery, and Milton Keynes is the home to a new photographic art group; ‘Catch Light Collective’. The group is made up of photographic artists from Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas, and “The Collective”  includes both full time artists and those that create in their spare time. The calibre of members is high, some having won awards, been published, and exhibited locally, nationally, and internationally.

Those exhibiting artists are: Andra Alexander… Pam Broom… John Credland… Sarah Gardner… Elizabeth Gordon… Wendy Grant… Gem Bonham-Horton… Gordon Tant… And Frazer Waller.

…And if you like their works, they can be purchased.

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  1. A great chance to exhibit with fellow group members, great feedback from all. Thanks for the blog mention.

  2. Patrick says:

    Thanks Sarah… Pleased it’s gone so well, you are always welcome to email a shot for inclusion on My Weblog.
    Thanks once again,

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